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“Katie, you are the most complicated, talented, beautiful freak there is.” -Geoffrey Schwartz (Dad)


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About Me

I am someone who loves to tell stories. Just ask my friends. They LOVE my stories! Or at least they listen to my stories. On film, TV, the theatre, at an open mic, in the writers room, or just at the Dojo I am passionate about the stories I create and tell.

So, I’m going to tell you a story my mom told me about myself. She said that when I was still crawling I pulled myself up to the TV and looked into it in awe. When she asked me what I was doing I turned to her and said, “KK in there.” “You want to be in the TV?” My mom questioned. “Uh huh!” Was my response.

And that is where it all started. 

I am now a SAG/AFTRA and AEA actress working on film, tv, and in the theatre. I spilt my time between Los Angeles and NYC. Most notably I play a junkie in Paul Thomas Anderson and Warner Brothers stoner noir Inherent Vice.” In addition to my extensive acting training both for on stage and on camera, I’m a trained mixed martial artist, dancer, singer, bass player, and athlete. As well as an experienced choreographer and National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I love doing my own stunts!

In 2014 I started my own production company called Sneaky Little Frog Productions. Sneaky Little Frog has produced independent shorts as well as the award winning T.V. pilot 25 & Counting.” I am currently in the middle of writing my first feature! 

In my life I have been through, and over come a lot. I like to think I am the girl Rocky Balboa. And, as the Italian Stallion says,”It doesn’t matter how hard you hit, it matters how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

I am an emotional, kind, and fun person. Often described as quirky, I never miss leg day and can kick some actual booty! Tenacious and passionate I never let anything or anyone stand in the way of what I want. I am a lover and a fighter. If I have to kick you in the head, I’ll probably also get you some ice for it afterwards.

To quote Shakespeare, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” 

Thank you for your interest in me and my work!