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The name of the production company, “Sneaky Little Frog,” came from my best friend’s niece, Addison. Addison was maybe 4-years-old at the time. She found an old note under my moms coffee table that my friends and I had put there in high school. She asked my mom to read it to her. My mom read, “Little Addison there is a present for you in the magic closet.” She was referring to the random gifts she kept overflowing in our hall closet “just incase” a child (or person) came over. When Addison returned from the magic closet, with something like 3 Barbie dolls and 5 coloring books in hand, her Aunt Tara asked her where she had gotten the gifts? Addison replied, “Must have been that sneaky little frog.” It makes me smile every time I think about it.

After creating and producing my very first project ever, I was addicted. I thought about every movie or TV show that made me feel seen and understood. I thought about the times I needed to laugh or cry or feel inspired and I realized how much not only acting meant to me, but how much creating meant to me. I thought, I’m sure many people can relate to what I feel and I believe that laughing about it is the best cure (next to more cowbell, of course).

I’ll quote the musical “Dancin’,” “…I’ll leave a few creations to show that I was dancing by…I wanna leave my footsteps on the sands of time…”

Below you will find completed work that I am so very proud of! I hope you enjoy!

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25 & Counting

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A pair of cousins, Rily and Andie, have both just turned 25-years-old and are experiencing a Quarter-Life Crisis! All of their friends are getting married and having babies, but they still have big dreams that they have not accomplished yet. How did 25 years pass so fast? What can they do to change their lives before another year passes? Hilarious events ensue as the two, along with Rily’s brother, Benjamin Benjamin, try to fulfill their dreams, succeed in work, and date, all throughout the ups & downs of living an unpredictable life in Los Angeles.

Created, Written, and Produced By: Katie Schwartz and Rosie Darch
Directed By: Akkim Lee —  Original Song: Jeff Black and Ben Rosenthal
Starring: Katie Schwartz, Rosie Darch, Nick Greene, Ryan Vigilant, Will Brittian, Jesse Pepe, Cristian Gonzalez

The Red Room


From August 7th to August 9th, Rosie, Katie, and the Sneaky Little Frog Productions team successfully completed their horror film, “The Red Room,” directed by Vincente DiSanti. A story of two girls who mistakenly awaken a demon at the beach side house they are renting for the weekend. The 48 Hour Film Project is a highly popular, two-day film competition, where teams pick a genre out of a hat on the first night, and have 48 hours to write, film, edit, and complete an entire short film! Click the link for more info: The 48 Hour Film Project

Produced By: Katie Schwartz and Rosie Darch
Written By: Vincente DiSanti, Katie Schwartz, and Rosie Darch
Directed By: Vincente DiSanti
Starring: Katie Schwartz, Rosie Darch, Dan Nier, Robert Dubois, Denisse Ojeda, Dariush Dakashani

The Mouth Trumpet

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A unique street musician struggles to fit in. He meets a beautiful photographer who might just be the one person that understands him and appreciates his talents. Set to the music of “The Lonely Wild,” this silent film tells the common story of not fitting in and discovering what makes us stand out is what makes us special.

Produced By: Nick Greene, Katie Schwartz, and Rosie Darch
Written By: Nick Greene and Katie Schwartz
Directed By: Nick Greene
Starring: Nick Greene, Katie Schwartz, Jason Taylor

Batgirl: Retribution

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 10.56.10 AM

This is a fan film inspired by the animated film, “The Killing Joke.” Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl is confused and frankly, pissed off when Batman tells her he no longer wants to work with her. True to form Barbara doesn’t accept this news without a fight.

Written and Produced By: Katie Schwartz

Starring: Katie Schwartz and Aaron Hammond